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Kitchen care products
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Concentrated dishwashing liquid
Concentrated dishwashing liquid contains powerful cleaning agents that quickly penetrate, soften and remove heavy grease and stubborn dried food. Long lasting suds clean more dishes completely and
Dishwashing Machine Detergent
Used for all dishwashing machine types manual or through special dispenser. High caustic formula which breaks down stubborn food soil, grease and oil effectively.
Liquid Rinse Aid
Super formula which contains surfactant and solvent to accelerate drying and to eliminate spotting. Provides streak free on glassware, cutlery crockery in both hard and soft water.
Auto Dish Salt
Prevents corrosion in dishwashers caused by hard water and impurities, also prevents lime scale deposits by acting as an effective water softener. Improves cleaning and efficiency of detergent
Easy remover for oils, grease and spots from ovens, pots, pans and fabrics. Safe on carpets, clothes and all surfaces when diluted as directed. Used concentrated for ovens, hoods, grills, broilers
Oven and Grill Cleaner
Liquid alkaline, solvent and organic detergent formulated to dissolve greasy food soils. Used concentrated for ovens, hoods, grills, broilers and deep fryers. Do not use on aluminum or painted
Deep fryer Cleaner
Concentrated degreaser formulated to cut through grease and burnt carbon by boiling all stainless steel ware with steam jacketed boiler.
Foaming Degreaser
High foaming and fast acting degreaser for the toughest cleaning jobs. The foam is ideal for use on walls, overhead / vertical surfaces, equipment and other areas where increased cleaning contact
Degreaser Poweder
Industrial degreaser specifically formulated to cut through the heaviest grease and soil on concrete, lionleum and composition floors. For kitchens, use to clean all surfaces not harmed by water.
Drain Opener
Fast-acting, odorless drain and sewer opener. Opens drains and sewers by dissolving and liquefying fats, oils, lint, hair, paper, food remains and other organic matter.
Stable sodium hypochlorite bleach for sanitizing dishes in the final rinsing stage by preparing a sanitized solution containing (50-100) PPM chlorine.
Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizer
Effective food-grade sanitizer without any hazardous additives to clean and sanitize fruits and vegetables, especially those that may have been contaminated. Keeps produce fresh longer by reducing
Alcohol Gel Sanitizer
70 - 80% ethyl alcohol based sanitizer. Instantly kills bacteria on skin without water, soap, or paper towels. Ideal for healthcare centers and food preparation areas.
Stainless Steel Polisher
Oily formula designed for polishing stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and most metal surfaces. When applied as directed, cleans and restores a high luster, leaving a protective coating to
Surface Sanitizer
Cleans and sanitizes hard, non porous, food contact surfaces with ready to use sanitizer. Ideal in food service establishments, schools, dairies, processing plants, etc.
Food Table Sanitizer
Used to sanitize on non wood cutting boards, high chairs, counter tops, refrigerators, table tops, microwaves, and appliances.
Calcium and Lime Remover
Concentrated acidic descaler. Safely and effectively removes calcium, lime and other hard water deposits. Use in food service, housekeeping and industrial applications. Strips hard water deposits
Dipping Oxygen
Oxygenated powder formula with surfactants to remove stains and mineral deposits from all kinds of containers. Used to clean coffee and tea makers, de-stains plastic and chinaware and overcomes
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