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Laundry care products
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Low Foam Powder Detergent
Powerful powder detergent combined with enzymes and oxygen bleach, ideal for washing all types of fabrics that contain all types of soils.
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Powerful laundry detergent utilizes the newest developments in detergent chemistry to provide the best cleaning available.
Laundry Emulsifier
Unique formula designed to emulsify heavy grease, blood and fat which normal laundry detergent cant remove. Works well at all water hardness levels.
Bleach and Stain Remover
Stain remover specially designed to keep your whites white, wash after wash, it has the power of oxygen to remove tough stains, and contains anti redeposition agent and powerful whitening agent to
Chlorine Bleach Destainer
Concentrated chlorine bleach, formulated from chlorine. Easy to handle. Performs under a wide range of conditions to de-stain and deodorize linens.
Made by including active alkaline builder and detergent properties, it is designed specifically as an excellent alkali and detergent source added to a laundry detergent. Used for heavy duty
A concentrated blend of acids used in a rinse cycle to help neutralize the residual alkaline materials left on fabrics. Multiple rinsing achieves the same end result but takes longer and uses much
Fabric Softener
A highly active, cationic based, concentrated fabric softener for commercial and hospital laundry use. It is suitable for all types of fabrics. It is based on a specialized compound which readily
Fabric Refresher
Fabric freshener suitable for clothing, carpets and furniture. Spray the product to perfume the clothes and carpets after the washing process to give a distinctive aromatic smell.
White Wash
Whitens and brightens every load. ONE STEP contains no chlorine bleash and it is safe for all your machine-washable clothes ONE STEP is formulated to clean deeply and prevent white from getting
Abaya and Dark Color Liquid Detergent
ONE STEP fabric wash is specially formulated to effectively clean and care for your dark clothes, it will not cause fading, it will keeps dark color clothes looking and feeling like new.
Baby Fabric Liquid Detergent
Baby liquid laundry detergent is a hypoallergenic, neutral pH everyday gently for babys sensitive skin. Rinses thoroughly, laundry detergent that is leaving babys laundry clean and soft.
Stain Remover
Remove fat, grease, oil, fruit juice, ketchup, sauces, make-up, milk, shoe polish and many other stains from washable. Hardworking formula even removes stubborn older stains which detergents alone
Spot Remover
Professional use stain and spot removers, specialized in removing ink, paint, blood, oil, grease, coffee, synthetic dyes and other difficult stains.
Easy Ironing Water
Perfumed ironing water makes ironing easier. Contains fiber moisturizers helping steam to smooth away creases, with pleasant, long-lasting perfume.
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