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Car care products
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Car Wash
pH neutral formula for safe cleaning, thick luxurious suds that always rinses clean. Will not scratch or leave spots. The professionals choice.
Tire Polisher
Cleans, shines and protects tires. Easy application. Just spray and wipe with a sponge. Deep new tire look and long lasting gloss.
Motor Degreaser
Degreasing agent suitable for all workshop applications. Penetrates heavy grease and grime, and easily rinsed away with water.
Coolant and Antifreeze
Summer coolant, winter antifreeze, ready to use, 33% Ethylene Glycol. Motor manufacturers normally use a minimum of 33% Glycol in new vehicles to achive satisfactory engine system protection.
Cleaner and Polisher
Renews the original finish and restores a like-new luster to most surfaces with anti-soil and anti-static agents to repel dirt and dust.
Stain Remover
Remove fat, grease, oil, fruit juice, ketchup, sauces, make-up, milk, shoe polish and many other stains from washable. Hardworking formula even removes stubborn older stains which detergents alone
Leather Cleaner
Great product that will combat all stains no matter what the source. Gently cleans without harming leather. Reserves the leathers strength, durability and appearance.
Leather Conditioner
Extends the life of leather protecting it from cracking and drying by renewing the natural oils used in the tanning process.
Waterless Hand Cleaner
A gel containing a blend of natural solvents that are gentle on hands. Contains no petroleum solvents. Used for removing oil, grease, tar, grime, soil, ink, epoxies, tile cement, lanoline and
Car Air Freshener
Fragrance lasts for hours, stops odors at the source and immediately freshens air.
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