High quality products for all uses
Continuous updating and development to keep up with the requirements
No compromising on quality
At Venus Chemicals, we make continuous efforts to achieve our ultimate goal of obtaining consumer confidence as a true partner, so we seek to continuously develop performance and efficiency that achieve the highest levels of quality.
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Why Venus?

High quality

Committed to providing quality products as a major competitive advantage

Competitive prices

Our products are affordable with competitive features and added value

Innovative solutions

Continuous development of product characteristics to meet consumer requirements

Consumer satisfaction

All our resources are directed to providing products that satisfy and trust consumers

After-sales service

Communication channels are always open with you and your comments are taken very seriously

Respect the time

We meet your requirements within a clear schedule and reasonable dates

Finished Product
Kitchen care products
Complete products that guarantee you a clean home and a safe environment from germs and pathogens. A balanced combination of hygiene, sanitation, and maintenance of hands. For your comfort and the safety of your family.
Home care products
A variety of household cleaning, disinfecting, polishing and perfuming materials. Leave the difficult task of our products, get super results. For a safe environment and a clean home.
Laundry care products
All necessary laundry care supplies for home and specialty use. Get clean, sterile, fragrant, long-lasting clothes. For clean, soft, and scented clothes and fabrics.
Car care products
Car washing and polishing materials. Cleanliness and elegance inside and out, as quickly as possible with minimal effort. Get your car back.
Industrial products
High-quality products for effective cleaning and disinfection, enabling you to reach the correct level of care for farms and food-handling establishments.
Medical products
A line of sterilizers and disinfectants products for different skin and surfaces that guarantee maximum effectiveness. For use in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers to protect against bacteria, viruses, and various germs.
Beauty products
A variety of personal care items for your beauty and freshness. Uniqueness with the magic of freshness and radiance of healthy skin.
  You will never be disappointed by Venus products, they are so numerous and varied that you find a product for every use you may need, but what these products have in common is high quality.
Amjad Alloush
  We strive in our work to save time, effort, and thus money, so we adopt carefully produced industrial Venus products that contribute to the development of our business and extend the life of production lines.
Muthanna Shihab
  When I started using Venus products, I immediately noticed the difference, a wonderful balance between cleansing efficacy, fresh scent and reasonable price, which fulfilled my basic purpose.
Ahmed Ali
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